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In the past year, Urban Edge and our partners have seen significant progress towards the revitalization of Jackson Square. In early summer 2005, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Boston Redevelopment Authority Director Mark Maloney announced the tentative designation of Partners for Jackson as master developer for the long-awaited redevelopment of 6.5 acres of city and state-owned land and a potential 5 acres of additional land in Jackson Square.


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In September of 2005, the Boston Redevelopment Authority proceeded with the formal designation vote. Partners for Jackson is a unique and unprecedented collaboration of community development corporations, non-profit groups and private developers. In addition to Urban Edge, the team includes Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation, Hyde Square Task Force, Friends of the Kelly Rink, Gravestar, and Mitchell Properties.
As master developer, the team will continue its community-driven approach to finalize the areaís master plan in 2006. Partners for Jacksonís approach in the Jackson Square Redevelopment Initiative takes full advantage of the projectís strategic location adjacent to the Jackson Square MBTA station, creating a model for mixed-income, mixed-use, transit-oriented development.

This vision balances providing services and opportunities to the people who already live in and near Jackson Square with those who will come. It creates a coherent, comprehensive identity for Jackson Square as a vibrant destination that celebrates, honors, and preserves the economic and cultural diversity of both Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. In the coming year, Partners for Jackson will help facilitate community meetings to finalize the areas master plan.