Green Initiatives

Urban Edge is a recognized leader in greening affordable housing. Through our experience with many green rehabilitations and new construction projects, we have developed a set of green development standards that we incorporate into all of our real estate projects. These standards help us create high-quality living environments, promote healthy lifestyles, and reduce our impact on environmental resources.

Urban Design Standards:

  • Preserve and create affordable housing options easily accessible to a range of transportation options
  • Contribute to a pedestrian-oriented streetscape that is active and feels safe and comfortable
  • Increase resident ownership of space, for example by maximizing active doorways on street level

Real Estate Development Standards:

  • Pursue third party green certification, such as LEED, for every new construction project; follow Green Communities Criteria for every rehab project
  • Meet energy efficiency standard of 5-8 BTU’s per sf per heating degree day (depending on age of building)
  • Install thermostats with maximum upper limits and no setback
  • Provide a high quality indoor environment by installing direct exhausts in kitchen and bathrooms; using solid surface flooring instead of carpet; and using only no-VOC paints, sealants, and solvents.
  • Install low-flow water fixtures and ensure that water use is under 20,000 gallons per bedroom per year
  • Reduce construction waste with a goal of recycling 75% of waste

Environmental Stewardship Standards:

  • Use only green cleaning products certified by state standards for environmentally preferable products
  • Adhere to Urban Edge’s green operation & maintenance plan
  • Use integrated pest management strategies to reduce use of chemicals
  • Provide recycling opportunities in every building
  • Hang posters describing energy and water conservation strategies in visible locations throughout the building
  • Use WegoWise to track energy and water usage
  • Landscape using only native, drought-resistant plants


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