Community Stabilization Project

Have your Say!

(Online and Paper-Based Survey)

Help us to identify how you imagine using vacant/blighted parcels in Jackson Square and Egleston Square. Tell us what you would like to see built in your area. How about a garden? Poetry readings? Gym equipment? Dog park? Affordable housing? Something else? Share your ideas using the map below to identify on which lots you think something should be developed.

Follow these steps to have your say:

  • Step 1: Get familiar with the Map of Parcels below:
    • Hover over map to pan in different directions
    • Use the +/- icon on the lower left hand side to zoom in and out
    • Click on the icons to learn info about a particular parcel (e.g. address, ownership, etc.)


Undevelopable: Parcels that are either too small for the minimum lot size allowed in zoning or otherwise undevelopable (e.g., no street frontage, very steep lot with lots of ledge, etc.)

Developable: Any parcel that is not categorized as undevelopable.

Under Development: Parcels that are vacant/blighted but where redevelopment is imminent (parcel had developer, plan, etc.). Based on Urban Edge Real Estate staff knowledge and MAPC’s database of active projects.

Red circle – City of Boston
Purple Diamond – City of Boston FCl
Green Square – Boston Redevelopment Authority
Blue Person – Private owned property
Yellow Circle – Sold/Planned development
Red balloon – Garrison Trotter RFP Project
Black circle – Other developing/undevelopable
Yellow House – Urban Edge property
Blue Person- Private Ownership
  • Step 2: Identify parcels you live close by, or that are close to where you work.
    • Click on the icon of the parcel
    • Explore pictures of the parcel by clicking on the: “View in Google Maps” link and then clicking on “Street View” icon on the lower left hand side of the screen.

If you have any questions about the Community Stabilization Project, or are having difficulties using the Map or the Google Form, please contact Sahar Lawrence at or 617-989-9323.

If you want to share your ideas via mail, please fill out the paper-based version of the Have Your Say! Google Form and mail it to: Urban Edge, 1542 Columbus Ave. Roxbury, MA 02119 Attn: Sahar Lawrence.

You can download the Paper-Based Have Your Say! Survey at:

Click here for the full planning toolkit.