Student Loan Borrower Repayment Counseling


1542 Columbus Ave
Roxbury, MA 02119


Hard-pressed families struggling to pay their mortgage and juggle other bills may miss a student loan payment and damage their credit. Mortgage lenders reviewing applications for refinancing or loan modifications would push back until student loan arrearages were cleared up. Parents who co-signed their children’s student loans, or who were themselves student loan borrowers, were in the same boat with that unforgivable debt threatening the roof over their heads.

As a result, Urban Edge began working with students, former students, and parents to help them consolidate their student loans, refinance, lower repayments, remove defaults, or decrease the burden of high interest rates. Based on the outcomes achieved after one year of the program, and the feedback received from the people it has served, over 80% of participants were counseled on their student loan debt through various repayment solutions.

In 2017, Urban Edge counseled 107 borrowers on alleviating student loan debt.


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