Hyde-Blakemore Condominiums

Hyde-Blakemore consists of nine 2-bedroom and four 3-bedroom townhomes in three buildings, offering
affordable home ownership in Roslindale. Situated on vacant or underutilized property near existing
infrastructure, each home has access to private, landscaped open space off-street parking and was built using “green” strategies for energy efficiency and healthy living environment.

• Transportation: Steps from two bus lines, a mile from the Forest Hills MBTA stop and the Roslindale Village commuter rail station.

• Water conservation: Native drought-resistant species and low-flow fixtures.

• Energy conservation: Two solar photovoltaic systems; advanced insulation; high-performance windows; high-efficiency on-demand water heaters; and Energy Star, high-efficiency lighting and appliances.

• Sustainable materials: 75% of all demolition and construction waste was recycled. The project used existing fieldstone walls for landscaping.

• Indoor air quality: Low-VOC paints, adhesives, and solvents; hardwood floors help reduce asthma triggers; and direct, continuous kitchen and bath exhaust for moisture control and fresh air induction.