LBB Apartments

LBB Apartments is a 103-unit scattered site development in Dorchester and Mattapan. Lena Park CDC partnered with Urban Edge Housing Corporation to restore the eight low-rise, brick masonry buildings,
rebuilding them to the Enterprise Green Communities standard.

• Transportation: Within 1⁄4 of an MBTA stop, commuter rail stop, and multiple bus lines.

• Water conservation: Native drought-resistant plantings and low-flow fixtures.

• Energy conservation: Advanced insulation; high-efficiency boilers and water heaters; separately-
metered units with 74-degree upper-limit thermostats; and Energy Star, high-efficiency lighting
and appliances.

• Indoor air quality: Low-VOC paints, adhesives and solvents and two-speed, 24-hour exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms