Open Letter

Dear Friends,

Never let it be said that the city of Boston – especially the great neighborhoods of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain – doesn’t know how to help people during times of adversity.  Over the Christmas holiday, we experienced a crisis that left more than 200 residents of our community without natural gas service but because of you, those residents had hot meals, hot water, and safe space heaters to keep them warm. And we can’t thank you enough.

Just before Christmas, Urban Edge’s development Academy Homes was required to turn off gas service to all of the units there after a natural gas leak was detected in one of the units. That meant that on Christmas and for a few days after, our residents were without heat and stoves.

But it will be no surprise to you to know that our neighbors and our community sprang into action. Our property management company WinnCompanies, along with Superior Plumbing, our other contractors, National Grid, elected officials and the City of Boston all assisted in making sure service was restored to our residents as quickly as possible.  Local restaurants and other donors were on hand to provide them with a hot meal. And most importantly, our residents were understanding even while dealing with this crisis that took place over a holiday.

So we’d like to again thank everyone who worked so hard to make sure residents of Academy Homes had their service restored and to especially thank our residents for their patience. Over the new few months, we will be working with the city to determine what the next appropriate steps are for preventing this from happening again. But this experience showed once again how strong the bonds of community in Boston are and how lucky we all are to be a part of such a caring neighborhood.  And we wanted to make sure you all knew how much we appreciate your support.


Marty Jones

Interim CEO

Urban Edge, Inc.