Urban Edge CEO, Emilio Dorcely, discusses the future in The Bulletin piece

In an interview for The Bulletin, our CEO, Emilio Dorcely, discusses the need for affordable housing and affordable homeownership, and how current Urban Edge projects are working towards that goal. “There is a dire need for affordable housing for the 30 percent to 40 percent area median income (AMI), but that’s only part of the solution … Affordable homeownership and affordable rental should not be either-or it should be an AND.”

Currently, Urban Edge is working to complete Holtzer Park at 137 Amory Street and close on construction at 1699 Columbus Ave, and we just completed the refinancing and renovation of Bancroft Dixwell. Along with our partners, we are working to redesign and rebuild the Mildred Hailey Apartments over the next decade. “We’re going to build replacement housing for 250 low-income residents. The vast majority will be affordable.”

Emilio Dorcely, CEO of Urban Edge, discusses the future