Urban Edge files plan for Roxbury housing

Urban Edge Housing Corp. is looking to transform a blighted Roxbury property into 42 affordable apartments for low-income households.

The nonprofit Hub developer’s five-story building would be built at 41-51 Walnut Park in Egleston Square, according to a Boston Planning & Development Agency filing.

The project is a critical piece of Urban Edge’s investment in the square, where it owns a number of properties on Walnut Park and the surrounding blocks, the developer said.

“Acquired in 2016, 41 Walnut Park is one of the few remaining blighted properties on the block, with two long-abandoned and severely dilapidated buildings,” its filing states. “The adjacent 51 Walnut Park was acquired to create a developable property. Together, they create a half-acre site ideal for redevelopment that will contribute to blight and crime reduction.”

One- to three-bedroom units are planned, with an on-site laundry, small patio, front porch, community and media rooms and an office where Urban Edge’s community engagement staff can meet with residents. Some units would be set aside for households transitioning from homelessness and tenants with accessibility and supportive housing needs.

Boston Herald (October 4, 2017)