UE Apartments

Urban Edge Limited Partnership (UELP) is a scattered site, multi-family affordable rental housing
development comprised of 10 buildings containing a total of 82 units at seven sites in Roxbury and Jamaica Plain, MA The buildings were acquired in the mid-1980s and had not been substantially renovated since. The most recent rehab was completed in 2012 and included many greening strategies.

• Transportation: Within 1⁄4 mile of MBTA subway, commuter rail services, and/or dozens of bus lines, two shared cars, and the Southwest corridor pedestrian and bike path.

• Water conservation: Native drought-resistant species and low-flow fixtures.

• Energy conservation: Micro-combined heating and cooling system; separately-metered units with 74-degree upper-limit thermostats; advanced insulation; high-efficiency boilers and on-demand water heaters; and Energy Star high-efficiency lighting and appliances.

• Indoor air quality: Low-VOC paints, adhesives, and solvents and direct, continuous kitchen and
bath exhaust for moisture control and fresh air induction.