Wardman Apartments

A devastating 2011 fire at the Wardman apartments in Egleston Square left more than 75 residents homeless. Urban Edge set out immediately to house them, and rebuild their home with a new focus on
sustainability. One existing building was completed demolished and carefully rebuilt to blend in with the surrounding brick row houses, while adhering to strict environmental standards. Upon completion in 2013, the project was certified at the Platinum level under the LEED for Homes program.

• Transportation: Within a 10-minute walk of two Orange Line stops and four bus routes.

• Water conservation: Rainwater harvesting system, native drought-resistant plants, and low-flow fixtures.

• Energy efficiency: Solar thermal heating system for domestic hot water; advanced insulation; high-efficiency boilers; setback thermostats with a 74-degree upper limit maximum; and Energy Star lighting and appliances.

• Sustainable materials: 75% of all demolition and construction waste was recycled and post-
consumer recycled content materials were used wherever practical. Drywall was locally produced, requiring minimal shipping. Panelized wall systems to reduced waste, installation time, and construction deficiencies.

• Indoor air quality: Low-VOC paints, adhesives, and solvents; hardwood floors to reduce asthma triggers; and direct, continuous kitchen and bath exhaust for moisture control and fresh air induction.

• Certification: LEED for Homes Platinum