Dreams To Reality: Homeownership

Jean’s Story

Twenty years ago, Jean relocated to the United States from Haiti. He has since been serving as a special forces officer and constable in Boston.

While discussing homeownership with a colleague, Jean expressed his concerns about the perceived complexities and significant upfront costs of buying a house.

“One day I was talking to my colleague who owns a house and she told me that you can buy a house to which I said that I would need hundreds of thousands of dollars and she told me no and said that she will refer me to a place that is going to help me”, he said when asked how he discovered Urban Edge. 

His colleague informed him about the importance of a good credit score but also mentioned how Urban Edge could guide and assist him in the process.

Motivated by this advice, Jean registered for Urban Edge’s first-time homebuyer classes. Five years later, with the support and financial guidance from us, he achieved his dream of owning a home.

“Five years ago, I came here and first time I stepped my foot over here (Urban Edge), I feel I am home…it took me five years to realise my dream and without Urban Edge, I would never ever today be a homeowner”, he added. 

When asked how Urban Edge helped him, he said, “Urban Edge helped me all the way. They helped me with my credit score and financials. We worked together. If I had a problem, I would call them. They sent my name to the credit bureau. They called the creditor and dealt with them. They helped me open an account and put money in it. After that, Urban Edge doubled the money for me. Urban Edge helped me a lot financially and with my score.” 

To future homeowners, Jean advised, “Come to Urban Edge and talk with people because they are there to help us know what is going on. There are lots of opportunities over here. Urban Edge will help you.”