Fathers R Us Graduation

Father’s R Us 2019

A huge congratulations to “Fathers R Us” for the first ever Fathers Graduation! The ceremony was held Wednesday, December 18th at the Julia Martin House.

This Fathers Group is a collaboration of Tree of Life and Urban Edge with the objective of strengthening fatherhood with resources and the Nurturing Fathers curriculum.

This program incorporated a learning the nurturing fathers curriculum a 13-week program where participants develop attitudes and skills for male nurturance. The structure of the program consisted of education, youth development, work force development, and social/emotional support.

The Father’s group was also able to partner with similar groups such as FIN
(Fathers in Need) A Father’s support group that provides resources to litigation services and more. To learn more click here http://ow.ly/daNw50vrRLS

This was a win for all eleven dads that graduated. Some of them were able to gain custody of their children, others who were previously unemployed have gotten jobs and or certifications.

This program really highlights a deeper systemic issue, not just our community but many others. There is a lack of resources and support for single fathers but through continued efforts we can create and support these programs to better assist these men in need.

We look forward to seeing all that they continue to accomplish. We also want to thank State Representative Nika Elugardo for coming out to speak & support.