Making Pedestrian Safety A Priority

New crosswalks in Egleston Square make pedestrian safety a priority. The initiative, spearheaded by the city’s Vision Zero team in collaboration with the Egleston Square Neighborhood Association, Urban Edge resident leaders, Egleston Square Main Street, and Walk Boston, among others.  Vision Zero Boston is tasked with eliminating fatal and serious traffic crashes in the city by 2030. Luis Cotto, of Egleston Square Main Street, praising the collaborative effort behind the initiative said, “This is a great example of how residents, merchants, and other stakeholders can work together to promote safety and beautify the community,” The crosswalk and daylighting on the streets is a welcome sight in the Square. 

The crosswalks are the latest improvement to Egleston Square. Bray Street and Washington Street now feature new ramps for better accessibility. Robert Torres, Director of Community Engagement feels the new safety measures create a more positive experience for residents. “Urban Edge residents visit the many amazing businesses in Egleston Square daily. It is nice that people can safely navigate the Square when grabbing lunch at Starfish Market or a refreshing treat at Wild Pops”, said Torres.