Welcoming Our New Board Members

We are very excited to present to you our four new Board Members elected for a one year term. These individuals embody the character and merit that reflects Urban Edge’s mission and values. Together we will continue to work and implement strategies to better our community.

Armani White who is a Boston native. Armani is Wesleyan Alumni, with a degree in Anthropology. He is currently a Coordinator of School and Community Outreach. Armani has a strong background in education and leading youth organizing programs. He has founded the Young Abolitionists group, as well as serves as a community activist.

Janice Pamphile has over 5 years experience in education. She received her Bachelors in Public Policy and Law from Trinity College, and then her Masters in Education from Boston University. Her most recent position is Associate Director of Family and Community Engagement. Janice specializes in Strategic Planning and Implementation, as well as developing strong relationships. Her motto is; People Matter.

Mirella Cruz is a Pine Manor College Alumni with a degree in biology has a strong customer service base background, and over 8 years working in several positions at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. Most recently as a Medical Lab Technologist. She serves as Network Leader for Union Capital Boston. Mirella loves children and inspiring them to be what they want to be.

Danya Abrams
is a Boston College Alumni with a Bachelors of Science in Sociology. His present role is President of Abrams Insurance and Financial Services. His background includes being a director of operations, and financial planning services. Danya also had a career as a professional basketball player for many years.

Welcome Armani, Janice, Mirella, and Danya we are so pleased to have you join our board!