Academy Homes I, 202 units in Jackson Square, on Columbus Avenue and east of Columbus Avenue, between Ritchie Street and Academy Road, to Weaver Way. Call 617 989-9824.

Amory Residences, 64 units just south of Jackson Square, on Amory Street and Amory Avenue. Call 617 427-9400.

Bancroft Apartments, 36 units on the west side of Columbus Avenue and down Bancroft Street and Ernst Street. Call 617 989-1052.

Cleaves Court Apartments, 36 courtyard units in Egleston Square off Columbus Avenue, next to the Rafael Hernandez School. Call 617 989-1052.

Dimock-Bragdon Apartments, 54 units on Columbus Avenue, between Egleston Square and Jackson Square, across from the Dimock Center. Call 617 989-1052.

Dixwell Park Apartments, 18 units on Dixwell Street, between Columbus Avenue and School Street in Egleston Square. Call 617 989-1052.

Egleston Crossing, 44 units of housing over retail at 3037 Washington Street, 18 units of housing over retail at 3091 Washington Street, plus two attached townhouses on Beethoven Street, in Egleston Square. Call 617 427-9400.

Jackson Commons, 37 units, including 8 PBV units, 21 units dedicated for households below 60% of Area Median Income (AMI), 3 below 80% AMI, and 5 below 110% AMI. Call 617 989-1052.

UE Limited Apartments, 58 units on Columbus Avenue and Dixwell street in Egleston Square. Call 617 989-1052.

Walnut Washington Apartments, 47 units between Walnut Avenue and Walnut Park plus 18 units on Washington Street south of Egleston Square. Call 617 989-0168.

Wardman Apartments, 88 units on Wardman Road, Walnut Park and Westminster Avenue. Call 617 989-0168.

Westminster Court Apartments, 70 units around two courtyards, off Walnut Avenue and Westminster Avenue. Call 617 989-0168.